Have you got a boss or a leader?

Have you got a boss or a leader?

Some of you undoubtedly go to work on a daily basis for no other reason than to get the paycheck and the only reason you do what your boss says is because you have to. Some others are working because their boss inspires them, empowers them, and trusts them. Which one is you?


I recently saw this article from the social media director at Ford where he has a chance to interact with the CEO of the company. The fact that the CEO gave him the time of day, that he also sat an interacted with customers, and that he interacted with them in a venue such as twitter says alot about the CEO.

The question for all of us continues to be: have you got a boss or a leader? If you have a leader, enjoy your work and enjoy your leader. Tell me about it. If you have a boss who does not lead, I’m sorry. Hopefully even in this job climate you’ll be able to find other employment with someone who values what you contribute.

If you supervise, are in charge of, or oversee a group or a few people, you would be wise to ask yourself the same question…do your employees have a boss or a leader?

Enjoy the article and accompanying video.