5 Ways to Overcome Mediocrity

Mediocrity screams average, common, and boring. Routinely pushing for realism can easily destroy not only your dreams but the dreams of others.

Realism is overrated. In fact, being to realistic de-motivates me and crushes inspiration.


Here’s what I recommend to overcome mediocrity:

1) Set Goals

One surefire way to be mediocre is to live a goalless life. Set goals. Set big goals. Living without any goals sounds like flying a plane without any destination.

2) Create Action Plans

Its one thing to have a goal, quite another to have an action plan. Many people make the mistake of setting big goals without fleshing out the action steps needed to accomplish the action plan.

3) Flee Fatalism

Mediocre people sometimes are fatalistic. In other words, why try if I’m not responsible anyway (ie it’s up to fate). They look for excuses to blame circumstance on fate or simply to fail. Avoid this. Live in the real world, but live with optimism, hope, and personal responsibility.

4) Avoid the Term “Realistic”

Usually when I hear the word “realistic”, it’s in the context of someone excusing a failure. Other times they’re giving reasons not to dream or flat-out destroying a dream. Realism has its place but it should be much rarer.

5) Enlist Help

Who do you trust? Would they enjoy helping you? Go speak with them. Another option is to hire a executive coach to walk you through this process and challenge you to succeed.

What suggestions do you have to avoid mediocrity?