Coaching Essentials: The Use of Accountability Tools

(This blog post is Part III in the Coaching series focusing on Coaching Essentials. For other posts in this series, go here: Part I – The Client’s Role, Part II – The Components of Powerful Questions, or Part IV – The Coach’s Use of Body Language)

Accountability sounds strict, overbearing, mean, and militaristic. However, it helps and is needed. Be honest, it’s hard to get things done in a vacuum.

Accountability tools give you impetus to take action in your life. Aimless living lacks strategy, direction, and responsibility.


Take a glance at a few different Accountability Tools essential to coaching (and life in general):

1) Action Plans

If someone asked you what you planned to do this week, what would you say? If you don’t have a plan, try creating one. Then use tool #2.

2) Share Your Plans or Goals with a Friend

It’s tough to exercise alone on a regular basis. Tell someone about your goals.

I encourage my clients to share their goals, to share their action plans, and to enlist others to help them.

3) Monthly Action Planner

Many people have never planned an entire month out in advance. Imagine how different your life would be if you accomplished everything this month that you would like to.

I work with my clients oftentimes to create a monthly action planner. They create action steps for each week, various weekly metrics, and I touch base with them during the month and after to evaluate their progress. Try it. Then tell me about it.

4) Online Accountability Tools

Michael Hyatt’s website featured a company called IRUNURUN (it’s not a running website). The website allows you to create up to 7 goals, measure their importance, and track your completion on a weekly basis.

With my clients I’m able to see their progress privately, encourage them to accomplish their goals, and push them to get a friend involved who’ll compete alongside of them (with the same or different goals) as each person gets a weekly score of 1-100.

5) Regular Phone Calls

Executive coaches help clients reach their goals by ensuring someone will regularly ask them about their progress. This alone lights a fire under many people. If you don’t think anyone will ever ask or care, your chances of completion are much lower.

What other Accountability Tools do you recommend? Which of these have you found most helpful?