Dropbox Tips (Part I) – Document Backup

(This blog post is part of a productivity series on “Dropbox Tips.” To check out the other posts in this series go here: Part II – Accessibility, Part III – Group File Sharing, or Part IV – Public File Sharing)

Imagine losing an excel file you need. What about that terrible feeling of being out of town and unable to access a file on your laptop you left at home. Or even worse, the misery of someone stealing your computer.

Each of these scenarios illustrated our need for change. Frankly, we needed another approach to document storage and access. Perhaps you feel now the same pain we did then.


The first and primary reason we started using a free resource called Dropbox was Document Backup:

1) Backup Important Files

Dropbox is a website that allows you to store files in a folder on your computer that automatically synchronizes online. This gives you a backup to any file in your Dropbox folder.

2) Computer Theft

A couple years ago my computer was stolen. I learned the hard way that I should have had a document backup strategy in place. I lost a huge amount of information and work. It cost me 40-80 hours of work I had to do on my own time. If I had all my important files in Dropbox, I could have logged in online and copied them all out within minutes of the theft of my computer.

3) Floods/Fires/Natural Disasters

Nobody thinks it will happen to them. But if you are risk averse, Dropbox reduces your risk of losing documents in the event of a disaster or emergency. External Hard Drives are a good strategy for large amounts of data, but are difficult to use on a day to day basis. Just like having a computer stolen, Dropbox solves the problem of a destroyed computer by allowing you to access your lost files online.

What recommendations do you have for document backup?


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