What You Can Learn from Steve Jobs

Everyone’s talking about Steve Jobs after his death on Wednesday Oct. 5th, 2011. But not everyone is learning from him. Whether you’re a Mac or PC lover, Steve Jobs radically changed communication, business, and information consumption.

In fact, Forbes.com recently had a video on its website highlighting, you guessed it, “What You Can Learn from Steve Jobs.” Here are the seven “driving principles” as presented by Forbes along with my commentary on each one. Feel free to click the picture below to watch the video if you’d prefer.

Steve Jobs

1) Do What You Love

Many people spend their whole life doing a job they hate. Avoid this.

2) Put a Dent in the Universe

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3) Connect Things to Spark Your Creativity

Jobs knew how to create things people didn’t know they needed by making connections we hadn’t imagined were possible.

4) Say No to 1,000 Things

I once met someone who said to say “no” to someone every day so you never get out of the habit.

5) Create Insanely Different Experiences

Is your business boring? When people meet you, customers work with you, or any other interaction, ask yourself how you can give them an insanely different (and positive) experience.

6) Master the Message

What are you all about? Decide on what the main point is, master it, and repeat it 1,000 times.

7) Sell Dreams, Not Products

Do your products inspire people? In many ways, most people have a “wow” experience when they enter an Apple store. Perhaps we could all learn from this.

What else can we learn from Steve Jobs? What have you learned from him?