Dropbox Tips (Part IV) – Public File Sharing

(This blog post is the last post in a Productivity series on “Dropbox Tips.” To check out the previous posts in this series go here: Part I – Document Backup, Part II – Accessibility, and Part III – Group File Sharing)

What do you do when you want to share a PDF, a video, or some other file online? Where do you go to accomplish this? If you are a web designer, this is easy. If not, this process can be a little more intimidating.

Public File Sharing is the fourth Dropbox tip in this series of posts. Here are some examples of where its useful:

Public File Sharing

1) Sharing a PDF Resume Online

Dropbox can help you find a job. For those of you seeking a job, you can post a PDF of your resume in the “Public” section of Dropbox (the non-password protected portion). Dropbox lets you copy the public “link” to the file and share it in emails, Facebook, or other locations.

2) Public File Sharing Offers a Way to Share a Presentation

Oftentimes people want to share a recent powerpoint or keynote presentation. You can easily place your presentation file (note: I recommend locking the file within powerpoint with a password to prevent changes) in the “Public” section of Dropbox to share it with the world. Remember though that anything that goes in the Public folder is free game for public consumption and distribution.

3) Video Files

Videos shared on Youtube often have ads, reduced quality, and are subject to Youtube’s rules and regulations. Videos placed in Dropbox are your property and can be downloaded as high quality files, without ads, and played on the users computer. Perhaps you’d like to market your services or provide your clients or potential clients with a resource. What type of video could you create that they would want to download, share, or even burn DVDs of after downloading it from your public Dropbox folder?

In what ways could you utilize Dropbox’s Public File Sharing to further your personal, business, or social goals?


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