5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity This Week

Would you help a freezing child? (more on that in a minute)

Most of us would. Right?

At least you like to think you would.

If you are too busy, in a frantic rush, and struggling, you likely are just trying to increase your productivity.

Why are we so busy?

Why do we do so much?

How do we miss out on opportunities to help others?

Worst Thing

The brief suggestions below will help you to take action. Don’t let busyness take over your life.

Increase your productivity with these practical tips to help you to begin doing what matters most.

1) Weekly Planning Meeting

You may have resisted this one for a long time. Don’t!

Start small by taking 5-10 minutes and charting out a plan to increase your productivity in the week ahead. Make sure you identify your top 2-3 big wins for the week.

2) Learn How to Say “NO”

I’ll never forget the day I asked Howard Hendricks about time management. He said, “I say “no” to someone every day. That way I never forget how to do it!”

Try it.

3) Schedule 6 Hour Days

This is a new one I would like to try. I have heard many people suggest it.

The concept is simple. Plan to work 8 hours but never schedule more than 6 hours of it.

The purpose: margin.

4) Create Processes That Don’t Involve You

I have to admit, I used to be a complete failure at this one. But it works!

Create a process that equips others to get things done. Key point: make sure it doesn’t require you (or at least requires as little of your time as possible).

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This point has impacted me so much I wrote a post about process creation and clarity.

5) Do Something That Inspires You

We all need something to move and inspire us. Imagine who you could help if you became more productive.

Increase your productivity to experience more joy at work and have time to help others.

Do it. Trust me. This matters.


Question: Which of the strategies above do you need to implement in order to increase your productivity? Commit to increase your productivity by leaving a comment below.