25 Leadership Quotes from Pastors at Velocity 2014

Leadership quotes can be absolutely worthless.

Don’t just read them.

Use them.

Recently had the privilege of attending the Velocity 2014 conference. As a previous church planter, it felt like I heard 100s of powerful leadership quotes.


Enjoy the 25 leadership quotes from Velocity 2014.

25 Leadership Quotes from Pastors at Velocity 2014:

  1. “If you’re too busy to help people, you’re too busy.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson
  2. “Too many pastors want the fame of game day without the pain of training.” – Shawn Lovejoy :: @ShawnLovejoy
  3. “If you as a pastor don’t have a passion for evangelism then don’t be surprised if your people done either.” – Aubrey Malphurs :: @amalphurs
  4. “1 Timothy 3 lists only one gift, teaching, then follows w a list of character traits.” – Derwin Gray :: @DerwinLGray
  5. “One way to show someone you love them is to simply go out of your way for them. It’s the gift of inconvenience.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson
  6. “Not everyone who runs wins.” – Shawn Lovejoy :: @ShawnLovejoy
  7. “Leaders need 5 core competences: soul, head, hand, heart, body. Where do you need to grow?” – Aubrey Malphurs :: @amalphurs
  8. “Substance and content over style and hype any day.” – Derwin Gray :: @DerwinLGray
  9. “The gospel costs nothing but it demands everything.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson
  10. “Winning requires running the right race at the right pace.” – Shawn Lovejoy :: @ShawnLovejoy
  11. “Your passion is such that you pursue it for free because experiencing it is its own reward.” – Aubrey Malphurs :: @amalphurs
  12. “It’s hard to sin if you’re preoccupied with Jesus.” – Derwin Gray :: @DerwinLGray
  13. “God blesses us more so that we can be more of a blessing to others.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson
  14. “Someone who pushes you past your limits is a good friend.” – Shawn Lovejoy :: @ShawnLovejoy
  15. “To keep the wrong leader in the wrong place prevents the right leader from being in the right place.” – Aubrey Malphurs :: @amalphurs
  16. “Leaders are like point guards, we set people up to score.” – Derwin Gray :: @DerwinLGray
  17. “Whatever God wants to do through you, He will do in you first. You’ve got to be what you want to see.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson
  18. “If we’re not faithful now why would God trust us with more?” – Shawn Lovejoy :: @ShawnLovejoy
  19. “Your divine design dictates your future direction.” — Aubrey Malphurs :: @amalphurs
  20. “You cannot cast a vision that has not cast a spell over you.” – Derwin Gray :: @DerwinLGray
  21. “We’ve lost the wow of God because we’ve lost the woe of God. His perfect holiness helps us truly appreciate His amazing grace.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson
  22. “Some conference junkies will never win because they’re not training to win.” – Shawn Lovejoy :: @ShawnLovejoy
  23. “Influence is the key word in any definition of leadership.” – Aubrey Malphurs :: @amalphurs
  24. “Greatest threat to many leaders impact today is lack of accountability. Who around u can tell u what u don’t want to hear but need to?” – Brad Lomenick :: @BradLomenick
  25. “I want to be famous in my home.” – Mark Batterson :: @MarkBatterson

Additional Information About the Speakers Mentioned Above

Leadership quotes challenge me. Perhaps they challenge you too. These are 5 of the many incredible speakers from the event:
Shawn Lovejoy, Lead Pastor of Mtn. Lake Church, and author of The Measure of Our Success.
Derwin Gray, Lead Pastor of Transformation Church, and author of Limitless Life.
Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor of National Community Church, and author of All In.
Brad Lomenick, Lead Visionary of Catalyst, and author of The Catalyst Leader.
Dr. Aubrey Malphurs, Leadership Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, and author of Being Leaders.

I hope you will allow these quotes to challenge you and grow you as a leader.

Which leadership quote will impact the way you lead this week? Tell us how below.

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