4 Components of Vision in Amazon Air

Why Not?

That was my first thought as I saw Amazon’s video about their new approach to delivering products: Amazon Air. If you haven’t heard, Amazon has been asking the question, “why not?” regarding delivery of their products via a drone like airplane.

Yes. You read that right. Amazon is looking to use drones to deliver your next book purchase to your doorstep.

What amazed me about this was the visionary nature of Amazon air. Here are a couple reasons why this product screams vision:

1 – Amazon air is not currently possible.
It is currently illegal to fly that many drones in US air space. But Amazon is asking “why not?” regarding using them to deliver their products. When most people tell you it’s impossible or illegal, but yet you create a video that dreams of a future that few people can imagine, you’re a visionary.

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2 – Amazon Air seems like a huge idea.
If Amazon said they were going to start same day deliver on a truck, I wouldn’t have trouble believing it because that seems very feasible. So rather than just focus on the immediately feasible, Amazon decided to break out of the mold and envision a completely different future. They have asked us to imagine hundreds if not thousands of drones flying around America delivering products within 30 minutes.

3 – Amazon has painted a picture of the future.
If Amazon wanted us to see all the steps between now and a new future they would have shown us everything they are going to do in order to sell more of their products. But rather than fill in all they are going to do, they decided rather to paint a picture of what the future may look like years down the road.

Churches often don’t take enough time to envision a new future and paint a picture visually or with words before figuring out how they are going to get there. The vision question is “what is it going to look like?” The strategy question is “how are we going to get there?”

4 – Amazon has stated what the future must be.
In a very subtle way, Amazon has laid the gauntlet for their competitors and themselves. They have set the bar extraordinarily high and created an expectation in our mind for what must happen in our world or for what it must look like one day in the future.

How are you as a leader helping your people to envision a new future? Without changing the core of what you do, how are you beginning to reenvision not only how you’ll get there, but what it will look like when you do?

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