10 Task Management Benefits Of Using Nozbe

My to-do list never ends.

Feel my pain?

I bet you do.

It seems like today we face a barrage of things to do. You probably battle the pain of wondering if you will ever get caught up.

If this describes you, I understand. Well, in truth, only you completely understand your life.


But I understand the pain of wondering if you’ll ever get caught up.

That’s where Nozbe enters the picture. I recently started using Nozbe and it has helped me/us:

1) Collaborate Online With Others
I work on a dispersed team and I love it. We must collaborate though.

Nozbe allows online task management for teams and keeps the data in the cloud. This way you and your team can connect to it on various computers, tablets, or cell phones at the same time.

2) Delegate Tasks From One Teammate to Another
I hate getting another email or sending my team another one.

Nozbe let’s you assign a task to someone (and they can assign it back to when they are done with their part of the task or project).

3) Group Tasks Into Projects
Having 50 tasks and not organizing them by project seems ludicrous now. In Nozbe you can group all tasks by Project.

4) Send To-Dos From Email
I love this feature and just started using it. It helps me greatly to get tasks out of my emails and into the Nozbe system. It also helps when traveling and I want to add something to Nozbe on the fly.

5) Comment On Tasks to Update Your Team
Sending an email to update your team on a project used to work. Well, I’ll be honest.

It never (really) worked.

With Nozbe your team can comment on projects to provide updates without filling up your inbox.

6) Setup Recurring Tasks
Some tasks are required weekly or monthly. Recurring tasks can save you space on your calendar.

7) Attach Files To Tasks
You can upload pictures and other files to a task. You can also do so from Dropbox or Evernote.

8) Reorder Your Tasks
Nozbe let’s you reorder the tasks in your system so that you only do what is most important.

9) Assign Deadlines
A task without a deadline is a dream, wish, or something. But it definitely isn’t a goal.

Nozbe let’s you define deadlines, the person in charge, etc.

A task without a deadline is a dream or a wish. But it definitely isn't a goal. Click To Tweet

10) Hold Your Team Accountable
Without a system for tracking what gets done, things will get lost in the shuffle.

Nozbe makes progress viewable and transparent for the team yet password protected from the public.

Which of these ten killer tips for using Nozbe stands out to you as most helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

If you haven’t already, click here to go to Nozbe.com to start a free trial account and test it out for yourself.

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