Top Blog Posts and Tweets of April 2014

If it is good, people will buy it. If it is a good blog post, then we should find it in the Top Blog Posts and Tweets of April 2014. Right?

There are exceptions to this. Sometimes people buy products due to incredible marketing. Other times they buy it because they saw someone else with it. People buy things for many reasons.

Writers can (and should) at least partially evaluate their content based on sales of books, magazines, etc. Bloggers should evaluate their content based on views, shares, etc.

This month my team helped me compile a list of the Top Blog Posts and Tweets of April 2014. I find it fascinating to ask the following  questions:
– What does this say about my audience?
– How does my writing need to change?
– What topics do I need to write about more often?
– How have I done a poor job getting the word out about other posts?

What about you? How do you evaluate your writing? What process do you go through to evaluate your own effectiveness and plan your future writing projects?

top posts of april 2014

Please share your tips in the comments area below. Take a look at the Top Blog Posts and Tweets of April 2014.

Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. 10 Ways to Create Margin in Your Life
  2. 10 Task Management Benefits Of Using Nozbe
  3. How to Use Coaching Skills as a Parent
  4. 3 Vision Clarity Steps From A Peruvian Billboard
  5. Social Media Life Lessons and Tips
  6. 10 of My Favorite iPhone Apps
  7. How To Transition Well
  8. 25 Leadership Quotes from Pastors at Velocity 2014
  9. Benefits of Planning Well
  10. 4 Essentials of Strength-Based Leadership

Top 10 Tweets

  1. If you are sincere, praise is effective. If you are insincere, it is manipulative. via @TheZigZiglar #Leadership
  2. Pray for Birmingham, AL. #Tornado
  3. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. #MarkTwain via @JohnCMaxwell #DoSomething
  4. Train leaders how to develop other leaders. You’ll never regret it. #Multiply #CoachingLeaders
  5. Change is a constant challenge we all face. #takeaction #leadership
  7. It is painfully consistent that when a leader refuses to change, his or her organization does as well. #BeTheChange #CoachingLeaders
  8. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. #AlbertEinstein via @JohnCMaxwell #Character
  9. There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. via @TheZigZiglar #WorkHard
  10. Do you think you got to where you are because you NETWORKED? You got there because of GOD. – #FrancisChan at #CLA14