Top Posts of May 2014

If you want to see constant growth, you must commit to near constant change. This truth rang true not only here on my blog, but also in many other areas as well.

What do you do when want better results? Do you sit back and hope the same activities will net different results?

I hope not.

This month I branched out and included a few other writers, took risks to write about topics near and dear to me, and also did a few different types of posts (such as our interview with Citizen Way, Top Posts for April, and others). Looking at the top posts of May 2014, I learned a few things.

One of the mistakes I made this month was to include too few guest writers. I should have sought out the wisdom of others more. I also mistakenly started the month out strong…and then my blogging waned over the course of the month.

As a blogger, it is incredibly important to stay consistent, which is something we’ve greatly improved (mostly thanks to my team). But I do look forward to streamlining the process to achieve greater consistency in June.

What have you learned this month?
Where have you stretched yourself?
What mistakes did you make?

top posts of may

Top 10 Blog Posts:

  1. 10 of My Favorite iPhone Apps
  2. 10 Task Management Benefits Of Using Nozbe
  3. Failure and Innovation
  4. Own The Problem
  5. 4 Essentials of Strengths-Based Leadership
  6. Citizen Way: An Interview
  7. Embracing Uncertainty
  8. 5 Tips for Managing Social Media Using Buffer
  9. How to Use Coaching Skills As A Parent
  10. 5 Things Nozbe Cannot Do for Your Productivity

Top 10 Tweets:

  1. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right. via @TheZigZiglar #Optimism
  2. When you feel the need to respond to criticism, it reveals how much you’ve built your identity on being right. – @PastorTullian
  3. Everyone you’ve ever met or will ever meet was created in God’s image. Just let that one sink in for a minute.- @BradBridges
  4. Don’t lose hope. No matter what you are going through. #hope
  5. Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice. via @TheZigZiglar #Attitude
  6. Your marriage is a tool used by God for your spiritual formation. – @BradBridges
  7. Your church’s activity is likely not missional if it always feels comfortable. – @BradBridges
  8. Don’t be threatened by those w/stronger gifting than you. It’s not about you. Let them lead! – @NancyOrtberg #LeadNet
  9. Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. #JohnWooden via @JohnCMaxwell
  10. Give without any expectation of receiving. Then do it again. – @BradBridges

What do you think of the top posts of May 2014? Which were your favorites?