Personal Change Trumps Social Shares

“Ohhh that’s a good quote. I’m going to re-tweet that.”

“I’m going to favorite/like that quote.”

How many times day (or even hour) do those words come out of your mouth…or at least cross your mind?

I actively engage with others on social media. I tend to post quotes through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn all the time. Yes, they might be thought-provoking, funny, challenging or convicting…but how often do I take it a step further and make sure that I change my life as a result?


When it comes to posting a quote or even reading a quote, I challenge you (and even more so myself) to do the following:

1. Hear or read a quote.

2. Decide on an action step with that quote.

This may be changing something in your life rhythm, doing something for someone else, doing something for yourself, or cutting out something in your life.

3. Commit to a change plan.

What are you doing to do about that action item?

4. Avoid liking quotes if you don’t plan to change by applying them.

5. Ask someone to help you with your action steps.

Allow someone to be your mirror and keep you accountable to the character you want to display. It might be painful to have someone call you out on something, but you will be grateful for the opportunity for growth. We all need to change.

When the San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship against the Miami Heat, everyone began blogging and tweeting about teamwork. So, yesterday I posted some powerful teamwork quotes.

How many people actually applied the tweet content and made meaningful changes? Start with one quote on the topic of teamwork. Use it and decide to improve your team this week.

Don’t quote this post. Instead, take action. Leave a note in the comments letting me know how it went. I’d love to hear what quote challenged you and how it ultimately changed you.

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