Favorite Gadgets: External Battery Charger

Have you ever been stranded with a dead phone? Found yourself with a dead iPad for an off-site meeting? Ran out of battery during an important call?

I, sadly, am guilty of all of these and I realized I needed a solution.

Enter the external battery charger (a previous version of this post failed to mention that this is the “iCarrier by Trent” charger).

This gadget has saved me many times when I would have been stuck and in need of a charged phone or iPad.

external charger

Here are the things that I love about this external battery charger:

  1. Quick Charging – This little box charges my iPhone (and iPad) at least twice as fast as a charger plugged directly into the wall. If you own an iPad you know how long it takes the battery to fully recharge. (This is a game changer.)
  2. Multiple Plugs – You can plug multiple items with a USB cord into the external battery charger at the same time (an iPhone and iPad; two iPhones, etc). This is great for a road trip with the family, if you need more than one electronic device charging.
  3. Charge Capacity – I charge my phone at least 3 times on this external charger, before I need to plug it back in. This makes it nice when you have multiple items to plug-in.
  4. Size – While this external battery charger isn’t exactly small (about the size of half a DVD case), it is small enough to carry in your messenger bag, briefcase or backpack. I almost returned this charger when I first got it due to the size, but all the other features were so great that I could overlook the size.
  5. Inconspicuousness – The portable option makes it possible for your to charge your phone from your pocket of your blazer, your bag or even in the seat next to you. No more searching for an open plug in the wall or in an airport.

If you are looking for a way to have a back-up solution for charging your electronics I highly recommend this. It is an item I use on a daily basis.

Try it out. Let me know how it’s worked for you.