15 Inspirational Quotes from Christine Caine – Catalyst Atlanta

For anyone who has attended a Catalyst conference in Atlanta, you know that it is a firehose of leadership development content.

Today has been no different. (If you’d like to “attend” it live online, click here to watch the livestream)

Andy Stanley led off with a challenge to everyone to consider their identity, their heart, and how they could lead change.

But from my perspective it was Andy Stanley who hit a homerun and Christine Caine (@christinecaine) who hit a grand slam. Her words seemed to resonate at a deep level with virtually everyone in attendance and watching online. Her brutal honesty and courage to challenge everyone was enjoyable to hear, but painful at the same time.

I thought those of you who weren’t in attendance, or those of you who were, could benefit from a brief list of quotes from her powerful talk.

After reading these, please pick at least one to take action on. Otherwise it is just more information and no action or change. That is exactly what Christine Caine would not want you to do.

Christine Caine

Look below at the top 15 quotes from the speech Christine Caine gave today:

Which one are you going to take action on?

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