15 Leadership and Innovation Quotes from Craig Groeschel – Catalyst Atlanta

Craig Groeschel is an innovative thought leader. He’s also a faithful pastor and practitioner of creative ministry. Catalyst invited him to speak this morning at the Catalyst Atlanta event.

If you would like to watch the live stream of Catalyst today you can click here. Take a few minutes to view it online and take part with everyone else.

(Note: If you weren’t in attendance or if you were and wanted a brief overview of his speech, take a look at the 15 quotes we have provided below. These are challenging and helpful for any leader.)

Craig Groeschel

15 Leadership and Innovation Quotes from Craig Groeschel at Catalyst Atlanta:

  1. “The things closest to the heart of God are often the most offensive to the Pharisees.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  2. “Don’t blame yourself for the declines, because one day you will credit yourself for the increases.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  3. “If you are not offending some Pharisees, you are not being effective.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  4. “Sometimes God guides by what He withholds, rather than what He provides.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  5. “Sometimes you have to dig through a little manure to get people to Jesus! Mark 2:1-5” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  6. “You are going to have to break some rules to have exponential innovation–offending some Pharisees.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  7. “The pathway to your greatest potential is straight through your greatest fears!” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  8. “Failure is an event, not a person. You are NOT a failure!” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  9. “God had to do something IN me before He could do something THROUGH me.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  10. “Keys to innovation… You need LIMITED resources + willingness to FAIL + increasing PASSION.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  11. “If you’re going to reach people nobody’s reaching, you may have to try things nobody’s doing.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  12. “Not taking risks ultimately leads to failure.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  13. “God, may Your church arise with a heart of innovation to reach people around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  14. “God has given you every thing you need to reach every person you need to reach.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14
  15. “We will do anything short of sin to reach people for Christ.” — @craiggroeschel #Catalyst14

Which one of these quotes by Craig Groeschel are you going to put into action today?

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