25 Bryan Loritts Quotes to Challenge Every Leader

Bryan Loritts ( @bcloritts ) is a husband, father, and the pastor of preaching and mission at Trinity Grace Church in New York City (he previously served as the Lead Pastor at Fellowship Memphis in Memphis Tennessee). He is a powerful speaker who is deeply passionate about multi-ethnic ministry and church life. He also serves as the director of Kainos, a multi-ethnic church movement, and wrote the book Right Color, Wrong Culture: The Type of Leader Your Organization Needs to Become Multiethnic.

Loritts has also been featured on prominent websites and ministries such as Christianity Today, Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (see my previous posts of Patrick Lencioni Quotes and Bill Hybels Quotes), The Christian Post, Preaching Today, and Moody Publishers. You also may have heard of his father, Pastor Crawford Loritts, who is a well known pastor as well.

I compiled a list of twenty-five unique Bryan Loritts Quotes that I think will challenge you as a leader. Choose one or two and evaluate your life and leadership. How can you make a positive change in the way you live today? Don’t wait!

Bryan Loritts Quotes

25 Bryan Loritts Quotes to Challenge Every Leader:

  1. It is intellectual hypocrisy to call something evil while at the same time denying any absolutes.
  2. Great leaders are the oral custodians of God’s faithfulness to their specific community. The patriarchs did it. Moses did it. Samuel did it.
  3. Trials not only refine our faith, they reveal our hearts.
  4. The message of Joshua: The promises of God don’t always come easy. Sometimes you just got to fight.
  5. Pastors are never commanded to love their church. We are commanded to love our wives.
  6. Most “skeptics” aren’t skeptics at all.  To be truly skeptical one must actually examine something carefully and take it seriously.
  7. Pride feeds on comparison. It grows off of the perceived weaknesses of others. It must point out and put down in order to puff up.
  8. Gods favor can never be rationalized or explained, just received.
  9. Don’t follow people whose ministry is more about what they are against instead of WHO they are for. They’ll make a Pharisee out of you too.
  10. It’s almost impossible to offend a humble person.
  11. Don’t let CNN, Fox News or MSNBC disciple you.
  12. Paul says the most valuable parts of the body are those that are not seen- liver, kidneys, brain, etc- not being noticed? Stay faithful.
  13. It’s sheer madness to seek to derive value from that which will not last forever.
  14. In these days when justice is being questioned, I take great comfort in reading the prophets, and the message that God has not forgotten.
  15. On multiethnic ministry: You can’t lead people you’re suspicious of, bitter towards or angry at.
  16. Fruit- a changed and changing life- is the only authentic indicator light of a true Christian- Matthew 7:17-20
  17. Prayer is more than asking for what you want, but encountering who you want.
  18. I’m committed as never before to the multiethnic church. It is the only place where lasting trust can be built between polarizing communities
  19. Some of us will never fail because we will never try.
  20. Gratitude is the acknowledgment that I have received grace. Therefore the thankful person is best positioned to extend grace to others.
  21. If you are unwilling to give and/or receive admonishment, you will never experience true community.
  22. It is impossible to discern what the text means to me without first figuring out what the text means.
  23. How you steward what you have today will determine what you will be given tomorrow. Reactions to the gospel are not the same as fruit.
  24. Sin is not to be put in a cage and managed, it is to be buried and eulogized.
  25. Spiritual disciplines are not obligations, they are delightful responses to the grace of God.

Which one of these Bryan Loritts Quotes challenges you the most? Pick one and make a tangible change in your life this week. If you have time, I’d encourage you to let Bryan know that you did.

But before you get started, read the last of our Bryan Loritts Quotes as it will likely challenge you at your core.

As long as we feel adequate, we will not pray as we should.