20 Tim Keller Quotes to Encourage your Christian Walk

Tim Keller quotes are everywhere (lookup @timkellernyc on Twitter). Keller is a nationally known pastor and author. He wrote books such as “Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God” and “Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism”

We put together a list of our top 20 favorite Tim Keller quotes to share with you to encourage your walk with Christ.

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20 Tim Keller Quotes to Encourage your Walk with Christ

1. “The essence of Christian obedience is not do’s and don’ts but personal allegiance to Jesus.”

2. “The more you see your own flaws and sins, the more precious, electrifying, and amazing God’s grace appears to you.”

3. “Suffering is unbearable if you aren’t certain that God is for you and with you.”

4. “If your god never disagrees with you, you might just be worshipping an idealized version of yourself.”

5. “Love is counting someone else’s needs and interests as more important than your own needs or interests or comfort.”

6. “It’s impossible to meet the real Jesus and leave indifferent.”

7. “My friends, when God’s presence comes into your life full of selfishness with his love, full of power with your anxiety, there’s going to be a clash.”

8. “Jesus went into the tomb so we can be raised out of it.”

9. “It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that actually saves you.”

10. “Look at Jesus Christ. Every time he was in trouble he used the Word of God. When he was tempted he used the Word. When he was suffering on the cross he used the Word.”

tim keller quotes

11. “Don’t obey God to get things, obey God to get God.”

12. “Occasionally God rips aside the veil, and you begin to see this very fact: All things happen for you. All things. Everything is knit together.”

13. “Even if our own troubles are great, we should still serve. Jesus washed His disciples feet on the way to the cross.”

14. “Courage is facing your hearts greatest nightmare and doing the right thing anyway.”

15. “Humility is so shy, if you begin talking about it, it leaves.”

16. “The mark of the godly man is he likes to change. The mark of the godly man is he says, ‘Lord, show me where I should change, and I’ll do it. Show me where I should obey, even where it’s hard, and I’ll do it.’”

17. “Accept what God sends into your life whether you understand it or not.”

18. “The less you’re concerned about your happiness and the more you’re concerned about God, the happier you get.”

19. “You are more sinful than you could dare imagine and you are more loved and accepted than you could ever dare to hope.”

21. “The sin that is most destructive in your life right now is the one you are most defensive about.”

Which of these Tim Keller quotes resonated with you? Allow them to challenge you, encourage you, and strengthen you as you walk with Christ today. But remember, just putting Tim Keller quotes on your computer desktop, Facebook wall, or tweeting them won’t change anything in your life. In other words, personal change trumps social shares. It is what you do and how you modify your thinking with these Tim Keller quotes that will create lasting results.

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