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Brad Bridges
Brad Bridges is the Vice President of the Malphurs Group and Faculty member at Trinity International University. He coaches leaders and consults with organizations to accelerate strategic leadership. He and his wife Lindsey have three children and reside near Chicago, IL.
A Loyal Servant: Dr. Harold Hoehner

A Loyal Servant: Dr. Harold Hoehner

Buffer A loyal servant, Dr. Harold Hoehner passed away this morning. So hard to see someone like him go. But we can rejoice that he is now with his Savior. Dr. Hoehner was a renowned expert in many areas but his immensely resourceful work on the book of Ephesians will impact many for generations to come. Dr. Hoehner also left ... Read More »

The Fear of Failure

Buffer Have you ever had a fear of failure? What would you tell people if you failed? What would your family think of you? Would people accept you? These questions have a tendency to run through the minds of many people. They’ve run through my mind before. Why is it that we as tend to have an a fear of failure? Are ... Read More »

The Value of Experience

Buffer On Thursday night, I turned on the TV and saw that a US Airways plane had landed/crashed into the Hudson river adjacent to Manhattan Island. When I saw the footage of the plane after that unimaginable event, I could hardly believe that it didn’t explode or break apart in some way. Then they announced that all the passengers on ... Read More »