A Loyal Servant: Dr. Harold Hoehner

A loyal servant, Dr. Harold Hoehner passed away this morning. So hard to see someone like him go. But we can rejoice that he is now with his Savior.


Dr. Hoehner was a renowned expert in many areas but his immensely resourceful work on the book of Ephesians will impact many for generations to come. Dr. Hoehner also left a legacy on the lives of his students who are spread out all over the world and continue to carry the message he imparted to them during their seminary days.

At Dallas Theological Seminary (http://www.dts.edu) I had the privilege of taking Dr. Hoehner’s class on the book of Romans. It was an intensive class that met during the month of May almost every day for a few weeks. Dr. Hoehner exhibited grace, love, wisdom, and above all a passion for the Lord, his family, and his students.

At Grace Bible Church (http://www.gracebiblechurch.org) Dr. Hoehner was a man that demonstrated love and kindness to everyone that was around him. I say this jokingly, but the one notable exception was during ordination exams that he helped with at Grace. Dr. Hoehner demonstrated his passion for training Godly leaders at the seminary and at Grace Bible Church by asking difficult questions during ordination exams in order to ensure that if Grace Bible Church was going to approve someone for pastoral ministry that they really made sure they were prepared.

About a week ago, Lindsey and I ran into Dr. Hoehner and his wife at Fuddruckers where we talked for about 5-10 minutes. He seemed to be doing fine and I think he was. Little did we know that the Lord was going to take him home to heaven today, February 12, 2009.

Thank you Dr. Hoehner for your impact on my life, the countless other lives you impacted, your passion for serving your wife, family, and church, and most of all for the example you leave behind for the rest of us to follow. We appreciate the example you left of how to be a loyal servant.

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