Expanding Your Network: Obssesion, Fear, or Something Else?

Today if you are alive, you are apt to hear something about social media, social networking, or some other type of media that is the new hype. I’ve noticed that oftentimes I encounter one of two responses to these realities: obsession or fear. Yep, I said it…obsession or fear. Which one are you?


Obsession – I use this word to describe those people who literally live at their computers and swear that without social networking the world would be a terrible place (how did people survive before this?). These people refer to social media in 100% ways without taking the time to look at any of the drawbacks to all the technology out there.

Fear – Some people are downright afraid of all the social media and social networking that is out there today. To be honest, I can understand where they are coming from…there are just so many options that do so many different things. However, inactivity is hardly the best response to a dynamic shift in the way much of the world is communicating today.

Suggestion: I believe that there should be some middle ground where we embrace the technology but have serious conversations about its limitations, drawbacks, and faults. As we move forward into the future, we all (if we aren’t already) will be living in multiple worlds through social media, travel, and other phenomena that cause us to live, act, and think in ways that never before existed. People currently can easily live in 3-5 lifespaces without even thinking about it (ie. a banker in London who uses facebook to connect with college friends in Sydney, travels often to manage a team of employees in New York, and plays rugby on the weekends with friends from his childhood).

These groups exhibit the way currently and even moreso into the future things like social media and social networking are going to continue to alter the way we live and think. How will you adjust? What will your response to social media and social networking be?

I’m concerned about those whose life primarily exists inside of computers and also about those who detach themselves from computers and hesitate to embrace the potential of a glocal village.

Where do you find yourself? Email me and let me know. Or better yet, expand your network by following me on Twitter 🙂