Four Financial Focuses from “Servolution”

This weekend I finished reading (technically listening to the audiobook), Servolution, by Dino Rizzo. An interesting read really. He asks us to consider shifting the focus of our lives from self-centeredness to service. Convicting huh?

He also gave four financial focuses that have impacted his Servolution at his church in Louisiana. I think these apply in many ways to everyone.

1. Pay your bills as soon as they come in each month.

Do you pay your bills immediately? Maybe you let them sit around a while. Dino says that we should pay them off quickly. If you are not able to, that is a whole different situation. But if you are able, why not pay them off quickly.

Even better, I would suggest that people pay their bills using an automatic payment system that deducts the cost from your bank account or credit card (I’m not advocating credit card debt however. If people are going to use credit cards, I strongly encourage treating them like debit cards. Basically, if you don’t have it, try not to spend it). Auto-pay helps eliminate thinking about bills often, forgetting about them, or piles of paper bills and the clutter they bring.

2. Store at least a little money away each month.

Save something. Put something way. Don’t spend it all. Many people take the approach of spending what they might have, rather than what they actually have. Is that you?

Save something. The best systems take a portion of EVERY paycheck and save it before even thinking about spending. Put away 10% or 20% of your earnings every month minimum if possible.

3. Give part of your money away to the poor, your church, or some other initiative that isn’t for you.

Are your finances all about your future? It’s hard to give away what we don’t have. That’s why #1 and #2 are so important. Manage wisely and give some of that away. We have friends that give extravagantly to help the needy, to help friends, to their church, to encourage others.

It is truly better to give than to receive. Ask yourself what portion of your finances helps others. What impact could your money be having? If you are already doing this, I applaud you. Rizzo talks about how we can’t look at ourselves constantly. For some reason, when we give more, more is entrusted to us. It’s scary sometimes, but the rewards are pretty cool.

4. Give back to those who got you to where you’re at.

Many people helped you to become who you are. Rizzo was dead on with this one. Lots of people contributed to your development. We are the culmination of years of work and the love of a multiplicity of good people who saw our development as important.

Which of these people have you thanked recently? Send them a small note. Celebrate them. Celebrate what they’ve done through you. Celebrate them by generously giving back to them.


This is not a comprehensive list of all the financial advice a person could need or use. However we both feel like it is a good general start and it got us thinking after reading Servolution. Thanks Dino for a cool book and some cool ideas.