10 Ways to Create Margin in Your Life

In the past two years, we’ve made some very difficult decisions. When tempted to work too much without vacations, we’ve taken a chance and taken time off. Granted, our life is a bit irregular from most people. When your profession is serving others, it is easy to let guilt creep in when taking a vacation or taking time to rest.


I recently read a blog post on Bill Reichart’s website looking at creating margin in life. He was kind to give me permission to share his 10 ways to create margin in your life.

10 Ways to Create Margin In Your Life

1) Use all of your vacation days. You’ve got em – use em. You owe it to yourself and your family.

2) Protect your day off religiously. On that day disconnect – no phone, no email

3) Don’t schedule meeting back to back if you can help it. If you do, you will feel ragged and rushed throughout your day.

4) Make sure that you delegate more responsibility.

5) Only check email during designated times during the day.
A good rule of thumb is that is should usually take place at 10am and 3pm – basically mid-morning and mid-afternoon

6) Get up earlier in the morning.
Which conversely means you may need to go to bed early.

7) Put meetings with God and yourself in your schedule book.
Make sure you take extended times, like a day, with the Lord periodically.

8) Turn off the TV and/or the internet.

9) Learn how to say NO.

10) Exercise.
You don’t have enough time or energy NOT to work out.

These ten ways to create margin in life are taken from Bill Reichart’s website.