Lessons Learned on the Tennis Court

Pretty much everyday we all have a chance to learn valuable lessons. Sometimes those lessons come from very unexpected places. I recently had a chance to reflect on my time on the tennis court and the lessons I’ve learned there:

1) Criticism is a Tool for Growth
When someone criticizes you, do you respond in anger? Do you retreat? I’ve done both. But I’ve decided that each criticism on the tennis court I receive is an opportunity for growth.

2) Everyone Can Teach You Something
Each person on the court has skills in some area that I can learn from. Each coach has a perspective I haven’t considered. Are you learning from everyone in your life?

3) Consistency Yields Results
Showing up consistently raises the level of anyone’s game. Life is no different. Is there an area of your life that you need to be more consistent?

What are your thoughts? Share with us one action point you have from reading this blog post.