5 Ways to Learn from Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day reminds me of last-minute trips to the flower store, cards, big family meals, etc. It also reminds me of how much I can learn from my mother. Let’s be honest though. Many times we resists what our mothers try to teach us.

Recently I was reminded of how much I have to learn from my mother, but in all reality, how much we all can learn from our mothers. Let me be clear though. No mother is perfect nor are her children. However, I would expect that few mothers intentionally want to endanger, inflict pain, or frustrate their children.

Mothers Day

Here’s a couple of ways you can learn from your mother.

1) Listen

My mom makes me feel safe. My tendency when I speak with her is to talk too much. Can you relate? Take a second to be quiet and listen to what your mom has to say.

2) Ask Questions

Rather than reject the advice of your mother, seek her advice and ideas. Ask questions. Show curiosity. Take time to absorb the wisdom she has gained over the years.

3) Watch

When families get together, rarely are the mothers the lazy ones. Oftentimes they are the busiest people there. Watch what they are doing. Think about why they are doing it. What values do they have that drive their activity? What can you learn by watching them?

4) Talk to Those Who Love Your Mother

People love your mother for a reason. Find out why. Find out what their fondest memories are of your mother. Ask them what they’ve learned from your mother.

5) Examine Your Life

Rarely do we examine our own lives. Its even more rare to ask how our mothers have affected us. Look at how your life looks like your mothers. Write down what you value that reflects your mother’s values. Tell her about it.

How do you learn from your mother? What have you learned from your mother? We’d love to know. Comment below.