5 Positive Responses to Change

What are your responses to change? Disgust? Perhaps you enjoy it. Maybe it makes you uncomfortable. But let’s be honest, it’s one of the only certainties in life.

Trending #1 on Twitter right now is #newfacebook. When I log in to Facebook I find that around 13-15% of all posts right now are about the “new” Facebook changes.


So why all the fuss about a couple changes? Change is hard. It requires us to move from our current reality and into a new one. Here are some practical tips to help you adjust to change:

1) Acknowledge the Change

One easy way to respond poorly to change is to avoid it. One of the best responses to change is acknowledgement of it.

2) Identify Your Thoughts & Feelings

Some people hate change and it makes them frustrated. Others trying to understanding it. Others love change. Take a brief minute to think of or write down three ways you could describe your thoughts or feelings regarding the change you are experiencing.

3) Share Your Thoughts

It is easy to imagine yourself as the only one thinking the things you are thinking. Share your thoughts and ask others what’s going on in their heads.

4) Imagine How The Situation Might Improve

When change occurs, many people jump to the negatives. Take a second to consider what positive motivations might have been behind this change. How could you become an early adopter?

5) Be Comfortable with Discomfort

Change causes discomfort. Embrace it and realize it may stick around. It is what you are thinking/feeling in response to living in transition. Don’t beat yourself up for not having “come on board” 100% yet. Also, don’t allow yourself to fight it for too long.

What are your responses to change? What suggestions do you have for others?