Dropbox Tips (Part II) – Accessibility

(This blog post is part of a productivity series on “Dropbox Tips.” To check out the other posts in this series go here: Part I – Document Backup, Part III – Group File Sharing, or Part IV – Public File Sharing)

Emailing files to myself gets old quick. When its a large file, that becomes impossible. Things get even more complicated when you are out of town and realize you forgot to put a file on your thumb drive.

Each of these issues got under our skin. We thought, there has to be an easier way.

Dropbox Tips

The second reason we started using a free resource called Dropbox was Accessibility:

1) Stop Emailing Yourself Files

Dropbox allows you to save files on one computer, open them on another, and save it back in the same folder without emailing anything. Emailing files to yourself requires too many steps, oftentimes files get left in your “Outbox” and other times the mail server goes down.

For those of us who like to clear out our Inbox, emailing files to ourselves only adds clutter to our day and wastes time.

2) A Storage Location for Large Presentations (or other files)

Before, you had to save large files on a data DVD, a thumb drive, an external hard drive, or take the computer with them. None of these are ideal and can be time consuming. Dropbox gives you the ability to share a folder with someone in another location that can be synchronized by the time you get there. You could also download the file from the Dropbox website with your secure password.

3) Multi-User Access

Sharing files with coworkers (or anyone for that matter) is very easy as well. Once you give the person access privileges, send them a link, and they download Dropbox, their computer will automatically synchronize the contents of that folder with their computer. No emailing. No external connections. No messages sent.

How do you utilize Dropbox or other services to improve file accessibility?


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