A Simple Antidote to Procrastination

Procrastination affects everything. Increased stress over a deadline. Family gets pushed aside. Physical health deteriorates. Some of us could use a nice and simple (although not easy) antidote to procrastination.

I recently read The Clutter Diet and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements as part of my personal development plan. Both books were helpful and much more could be said, but one theme occurred repeatedly (the aforementioned antidote to procrastination).

The Clutter Diet

Take Small Steps.

Here’s why:

1) Small Steps are Manageable

Many people struggle with their weight. If this is you, what’s one small thing you could do today that would be a small step in the right direction. Fad diets are exactly that, fads. Do one small thing well for a week, then add on.

2) Small Steps are NOT Overwhelming

Big projects wear people down (ie dissertations, cleaning out the garage or fridge, etc). When the same projects are split into small pieces (that are celebrated when they are completed), much more gets done and anxiety levels stay lower. Big goals aren’t the problem. Unclear, unachievable, unreasonable action plans are.

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3) Small Steps Spark Momentum

People often procrastinate until some other outside force requires them to act. Procrastination delays progress. Take a few baby steps and see if you spark momentum towards accomplishing a seemingly insurmountable project.

4) Small Steps are Measurable

Simply saying, “I’m going to get organized” will not organize someone. They should design a plan with small steps that are measurable. If a stranger can’t give you a good evaluation, it’s probably too vague.

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Consistent small steps in the right direction are required to see long-term success in virtually anything (Organization, Wellbeing, Weight, Career, Spiritual).

What small steps do you need to take?


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