Social Media Life Lessons and Tips

Many people accuse social media of being fake, another life, an “online identity” and some other things I can’t type here.

But is it “that” different?

I recently learned a few social media lessons. They also apply to life in general. It was a helpful reminder. Social media and “real life” have more in common than we think.


1) People Like to be Asked for Advice

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s hard to admit we don’t know the answer. It’s called pride. People appreciate those who will stop and ask for help and advice.

2) Your Story Interests Others More than Your Words

I’m amazed by how interested people are in pictures on Facebook and Twitter. What story are you communicating? How could you let others come along on your journey?

3) People Appreciate Reciprocity

When someone comments on your profile, do you respond? Do you ever comment on their posts? What about when someone calls and doesn’t leave a voicemail. You can decide not to call back. If it was important enough, they would have left a voicemail. Right? Or you can call them back.

4) People Desire to Connect

Social media gives us limitless examples of this (after all its a big reason social media exists). Contact someone new or an old friend today. Be interested enough in them that they sense that you care. Make an emotional connection.

5) Don’t Just Talk about Yourself

It’s easy to only talk about yourself on social media sites. Take a few minutes to share something that has nothing to do with you. Perhaps a topic you’re interested in that others might be interested in. Perhaps this blog post. Perhaps a helpful Do-It-Yourself article you read recently.

6) Be a Resource for Others

Online and in real life, people appreciate those who are what I call a “resource.” These are people who connect them to helpful ideas, processes, events, or people. Read an e-Book, a good article, or something else that would be helpful to others lately? If so, what’s hoping you back from sharing it.

How could you be more generous with what and who you know? Who might benefit from your being a resource online and in “real” life.

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