6 Simple Steps To Avoid Making Decisions in a Vacuum

You can judge a book by its cover. (Yes you read that right)

At least today you can.

We don’t think it is wise to make our publishing decisions in a vacuum. That’s what motivated this post.

4 books

For that matter, few people should be making decisions in a vacuum.

I needed help. Well, better said, my colleague Dr. Aubrey Malphurs did. (for the record: voting is now closed)

He wanted your honest vote and evaluation of four covers for his new book  “Re:Vision” (co-authored by Dr. Gordon Penfold).

We don’t think decisions should be made in a vacuum. What do you think?

Consider these steps to making sure your decisions are made with adequate counsel:

1)Identify the Decision

If you don’t know what decision you are making, how do you expect to get counsel.

Be clear. Write it down. Refine it. Read it to a friend. Write it down again.

2)Speak with Your Spouse and/or Close Family

My spouse always has another perspective.

She is unique and has different ideas and thoughts.

Why wouldn’t I take time to listen to her?

3) Seek Input From Trusted Friends

Emphasis here on “trusted” friends. Take a risk on someone. I think people generally mean well.

Don’t assume you see all angles. Ever!

4) Solicit Input Online

Are you afraid of this? Don’t be.

You never know what ideas, suggestions, or critiques might help you.

5) Connect the Decision to Your Beliefs

If you believe in God, it only makes sense to seek God’s input, direction, and wisdom.

For those who are not Christian, you may practice some form of meditation, journaling, or other process to make sure you are thinking clearly.

6) Make a Decision

Do you ever forget to act? Make sure you take action.

Be careful you thank those who helped you get there.

Take a bold leap and follow this process.

If you do or if you have suggestions to improve this process, leave a comment below.

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