Music Review – Elevation Worship “Only King Forever”

When I find a new album there are 3 key things that I listen for:

-Is it easy to sing along with?
-Is it catchy?
-Are the lyrics meaningful? Can I relate to the music?

Elevation Worship Wins


Elevation Worship’s 3rd worship album “Only King Forever” was a winner in all three categories. It has 14 tracks, and was released January 14th of this year. Elevation Church is based in Charlotte, NC and is one of the fastest growing churches in America. The album focuses on who God is, His character, and how He relates to us, His children.

One song that really emphasized this theme was “The Love of Jesus.” It talks about all the things Christ has done for us and who He is as our Savior. Darlene Zschech sings about how we are fallen and imperfect people, and Jesus has accepted us and loved us anyway. This is illustrated beautifully in this verse:

“You’re strength, in my weakness
Your Word lights my darkness
Your peace everlasting singing Holy, Holy is our God
Oh the love of Jesus is enough for me.”

Another song that really stood out to me is “I Will Look Up.” This is such a powerful song–my favorite on the CD. It talks about how we need to turn to our Lord for everything. There is no one above Him. We can put all of our hopes and fears in His hands, because He is trustworthy.

“Oh the loved ones I hold dear
All my hopes and dreams and all my fears
I will choose to trust Your name
In everything
With everything

I will look up for there is none above you
I will bow down to tell you that I need you
Jesus, Lord of all
Jesus, Lord of all

I will take you at Your word
Jesus you have taken hold of me
All my life is in your hands
You’re my strength”

Click the video below for a preview of the album.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 11.08.28 PM

All in all, this was a great CD. It was easy to sing along to, was wonderfully worshipful, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some fresh worship music to add to their collection. My four-year old daughter loves it too, which we can’t complain about!