Monday Roundup: Immigration, Malaysian Airlines Plane Crash, Israel and Palestine, and a Book For Pastor’s Kids

Wars, Immigration, and Conflict force us to ask hard questions. This past week major news channels wrestled with what to do about many different major events. If you are like me, you found yourself asking, “What should my response be to all this?” “How should I help those around me to faithfully respond to these events?”


1) Ukraine vs. Russia

Recently the Eastern part of the Ukraine was taken over by Russians and Ukrainians loyal to Russia (I don’t pretend to think I come close to understanding the complexity of the situation).

But late last week a Malaysian Airlines jet went down in Eastern Ukraine which has everyone asking who was at fault. Until we know the details, it is hard to come up with any conclusions.

What will be the implications for air travel, for expat companies and expat personnel working in that part of the world? I find it convicting to ask how would I respond if I was attacked on that level. It is also hard to imagine what the families are going through. Pray for them. –> Read More

2) Conflict Between Israel and Palestine

From what I know of this conflict, it has gone on for a long, long time and will likely continue. However, I feel compelled to pray for the people on both sides as many people died this weekend. Regardless of which side you are on, pray for those involved as they all were created in God’s image and are worth loving. (my sharing of this link should not imply endorsement of this article but rather is meant to initiate discussion). –> Read More

3) The Immigration Situation

One of the best articles I’ve read yet was written by Phil O’Day, Executive Vice-President at Camino Global, a mission agency we have served with and learned much from. Camino Global is uniquely positioned to help as they have staff in Central America, Mexico, the border, and Dallas. I especially appreciated his heart for helping the children even if it is a complicated political, legal, and moral situation. –> Read More

4) A Book for Pastors and a Their Kids

Monday Roundup

If you haven’t heard, Barnabas Piper recently published a book titled: The Pastor’s Kid. Drawing on his unique perspective and experiences as the son of Pastor John Piper, Barnabas uses his strong communication ability to discuss the situation that is often neglected. Of particular interest to me was how we set Pastor’s Kid’s up on an impossible pedestal and then mock them when they stereotypically fail. If we are honest, we are no different in our failures even though we didn’t grow up in a setting where your private life is public for all to see. –> Read More

What major news stories stood out to you lately? How are you engaging with those stories and with the broader culture?

Your cultural exegesis will often be the bridge that softens hearts to hear your Biblical exegesis.