15 Challenging Quotes from Andy Stanley – Catalyst Atlanta

Andy Stanley speaks with precision. Few communicators can speak with the depth, intentionality, and clarity that he can.

Today’s speech at the Catalyst Conference was no different. I was impressed by how Stanley challenged everyone to consider what they are willing to do in order to impact the next generation…to consider what they are willing to do to impact those who are not like them?

I don’t want to communicate here that you have to agree with everything Andy Stanley says. As with anyone, I think we all can learn from him even if you aren’t in total agreement with everything he said today or in the past.

I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Andy Stanley

15 Challenging Quotes from Andy Stanley

  1. “The church must capture and keep the minds and hearts of students.” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  2. “If we start to dumb down what has been made clear, where does that stop?” — Andy Stanley #Catalyst14
  3. “The church must stop expecting outsiders to act like insiders, while insiders act like outsiders.” — @AndyStanley  #Catalyst14
  4. “Jesus raised the standard high so we would realize we couldn’t possibly do it without a savior.” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  5. “I want church to be so winsome, so engaging, that students say to themselves, ‘Why would I miss that?'” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14”.
  6. “The church should be the safest place on the planet to talk about anything, including same-sex attraction.” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  7. “When making a change – help others see a better future rather than focus on what’s wrong and what needs to change.” @AndyStanley #catalyst14
  8. “Jesus doesn’t take sides; He takes over.” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14.
  9. “The church devotes their budget to a system that, as our young people grow up, they leave, and never look back”  @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  10. “Christians need to be known not for what we’re against, but for Who and what we are for.” — #Catalyst14 @AndyStanley
  11. “Why create churches for 50-year-olds and let culture have the students?” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  12. “It’s ok for people to feel bad about the wrong things they’ve done.” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  13. “Believe what you want… But don’t dumb down what Jesus said.” — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  14. “Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community that’s all about ‘one-anothering’ one another?  — @AndyStanley #Catalyst14
  15. “What is this generation of students worth? EVERYTHING!” @AndyStanley #Catalyst14