20 Best Will Graham Quotes to Encourage Your Walk with Christ

Will Graham (@TellaGraham) currently serves as Vice President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), in addition to providing leadership and oversight at The Cove training center in Asheville, NC. Following in the footsteps of his father Franklin Graham and grandfather Billy Graham, Will passionately preaches the Gospel and shares Christ’s love with those around him. He has traveled around the world speaking at evangelistic crusades.

As an ordained minister, Will served as a pastor of a church in North Carolina prior to joining BGEA full-time. He graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with his Masters of Divinity after completing his Bachelors in Religion at Liberty University. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and three kids.

As a speaker at this year’s Wheaton Evangelism Conference, he will encourage and challenge those in attendance. Here are 20 best Will Graham quotes that will encourage your walk with Christ.

20 best will graham quotes

20 Best Will Graham Quotes to Encourage Your Walk with Christ:

  • The goal of a good Bible study is not to master God’s word, but allow God’s word to master you.
  • The only hope for our spiritual need is Jesus Christ! Today you can be made whole.
  • There are people in church that are going to disappoint you. Church is made up of imperfect people. But don’t turn your back on God!
  • Jesus took our sin, and we received His righteousness. Now, because of what Jesus has done for us, when God looks at us He welcomes us in.
  • Bitterness is like poison, and it doesn’t poison the other person. It poisons you.
  • All the things you’re looking for-happiness, joy, satisfaction, purpose-they’re found in the person and work of Jesus.
  • We’re imperfect. How do we have a relationship with a Holy God who can’t look upon sin? That’s why God sent Jesus!
  • God’s saying, ‘Give me your marriage, your guilt, your shame, your life.’ God’s trying to get your attention. Are you willing to listen?
  • Truth is Jesus. ‘I am The Truth,’ He said. Truth is Truth, and Jesus is the source of it.
  • Jesus can change everything in your life. All you have to do is give Him control of your life.
  • Tired of carrying your burdens alone? Do not let tonight go by without knowing where your soul/spirit will spend eternity.
  • Jesus hung on a cross publicly for your sins. Do you have the courage to make your decision publicly for Him?
  • Salvation isn’t based on rituals, church membership or a magical prayer. Salvation is believing in Jesus and crying to Him for forgiveness.
  • That’s the only way your soul can be saved, too. To cry out to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.
  • As parents, we love our children. Would you send your child to die for someone else? That’s how much God loves you!
  • Many ‘paths’ say you must do many things to earn your way to Heaven. But Jesus died on that cross to save you.
  • Think of that criminal, nailed on the cross. There was nothing he could DO to save his soul. His only hope was to cry out to God.
  • Do you have a realistic view of your life and your relationship with God?
  • Are you tired of the loneliness? Are you looking for purpose in life? Cast all your problems on Jesus!
  • Making no decision about Jesus is – actually – making a decision about Jesus.

Which of these 20 best Will Graham quotes spoke the loudest to you? Which one encouraged you the most? Take time to let them sink in and meditate on them. Allow them to encourage and challenge you.