5 Helpful Articles for Church Leaders – April 27, 2015

We can always learn from the helpful articles for church leaders that we find on the web. You are doing yourself a disservice by not taking advantage of the many resources at your finger tips.

I thought I would help by putting together a few helpful articles for church leaders I have read recently. Leave a comment an let me know which one was most helpful or suggest another article that I should read and/or share in the future.

Helpful Articles for Church Leaders

5 Helpful Articles for Church Leaders

1) Trinitarian Leadership by Rob Jacobs

Rob Jacobs (@RobJacobs_) recently addressed the issue of Trinitarian Leadership. He is challenging you and I to lead based on the model of the Trinity. Where do you find joy? Community? Read the rest of the article for some of the other attributes.

2) A Word to Minority Leaders in Majority Contexts By Bryan Loritts

Multiethnic ministry has always been around and is here to stay. It is an important topic for anyone in ministry today. Bryan Loritts (@bcloritts) has lived this in various ministry contexts (here are 25 Bryan Loritts Quotes I compiled). But not in the way you might think. He provides some helpful guidance for anyone in the minority group who is leading among a majority group.

I believe his post not only applies to the United States, but also to other ministries around the world. It’s a fantastic resource to missionaries and other pastors who find themselves serving as a minority leader in a majority context.

3) 7 Things You May Not Know But Need to Know About Your Husband by Ron Edmondson

Ron Edmondson (@RonEdmondson) wrote up a short post that addresses a few key areas about men. These points may not always be pretty, but do give helpful insight. Any woman striving to better understand her husband will find this post helpful.

 4) Making Change Happen by Andy Stanley

I work with pastors and churches around the country. Organizational innovation and change challenge leaders everywhere I go. It’s a rare week when at least one or two people don’t mention Andy Stanley (@AndyStanley). He’s known as a visionary and leader of leaders. In this video post, Stanley discusses how to make change happen by starting with the importance of a crystal clear vision. Make sure you have done the necessary work towards vision clarity before you lead your church, organization, or business forward this year.

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5) The God of Justice Hates False Reports by Kevin DeYoung

Pastor Kevin DeYoung (@RevKevDeYoung) wrote this post about the need for civility. He stresses the importance of civility not only on the internet but anytime we speak about others. But what if we were not only civil but truthful with our speech? Let’s exercise caution to share truth and handle conflict. Make sure it is according to Scripture, not according to our insecurities or need to malign others.

Which one of these helpful articles for church leaders did you learn the most from? What can you apply to your life?