7 High Impact Coaching Questions For Emerging Leaders

People work for both leaders and followers — all the time, every day. You may find yourself as a leader or as a follower. But who provides resources for those in the middle who are doing a little of both?  I’ve provided these 7 high impact coaching questions for emerging leaders to use as a launching point for development and growth.


7 High Impact Coaching Questions For Emerging Leaders

1) What consistent behaviors have helped you get to this point?

None of us ever “arrive.” We are all a work in progress. But you had to do something right to get to where you are. Reflect on what areas of strength have placed you in your current position or role. Also consider what weaknesses have kept you from moving forward. (And make sure to own the problem if you’ve caused it.)

2) Who would appreciate a “thank you” from you?

None of us got to where we are solely on our own. Take a second and think about those who impacted you, built into you, encouraged you, and maybe even challenged you in ways you didn’t like at the time. We all need outside input, so make sure to thank those who helped you get to where you are today. (They may even be the ones who help you get to the next stage.)

3) What steps do you plan to take to begin mentoring someone else who would like to grow?

People today crave mentors. Those in entry-level roles (and emerging leaders) need someone they can trust. They need advisors, and they would love your wisdom. Make sure you are approachable and available. Share your wisdom. Build into those working with you and build your team.

4) What is your plan for growth?

You don’t grow from emerging leader to senior management without a clear plan for growth. I take that back. You might grow by accident, but you’ll grow more slowly than if you make an intentional personal development plan.

5) Who are 1-3 people you could collaborate with on a project?

For most of us, collaboration is part of our job. But sometimes, silos form and we start working on our own too much. We stray away from teamwork, and become too independent. Find a way to help someone else or collaborate on a joint project.

Who wants a know-it-all anyway? Be a team player.

6) What are your personal and team key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Don’t wait on others to give these to you. If no one does (and they very well may not), create your own measures and get to it. Just doing whatever comes to mind will lead to overworking yourself. Look at developing quarterly measures as well. Doing what matters will help you, your team, and your organization remain focused and ultimately more productive.

7) What behaviors do you need to change in order to move to the next level?

I saved the best one for last. What got you to emerging leadership is not the entirety of what will get you to the next level. You may need to repeat some patterns you have in place. But others will need to change or get thrown out the window. Some patterns will need to be added to what you’re doing now. Make sure you know what they are and be proactive about making appropriate adjustments.

Which of these 7 high impact coaching questions for emerging leaders do you need to act on today? Is there someone you know that needs to read or use this post? Share it with them today.